Saturday, 10 March 2007

Justify the expense CPS?

Some good friends of mine have been in court recently. THC4MS were prosecuted for supplying cannabis laced chocolate to MS sufferers and Patricia Tabram was prosecuted for growing her own medicine. Yes, they broke the law. The Misuse of Drugs Act states that it is illegal to cultivate, possess, or supply, cannabis and the Appeals Court has made it quite clear that however severe your pain or debilitating your illness the law doesn't care, a law and government policy that supports the torture of UK citizens takes precedence over relieving suffering. Disgusting as it may be it is the law as it stands and they broke it. But the CPS doesn't prosecute people for breaking the law, I've been informing the authorities of my own cultivation for almost three years yet I remain unprosecuted. They prosecute, supposedly, when it is 'in the public interest' to do so.

THC4MS and Mrs. Tabram were harming no one. Their actions had no impact upon society. All persons involved were adults acting under their own free will so any alleged dangers from the use of cannabis would be a self inflicted harm which is no longer illegal in this country. So exactly how was their prosecution 'in the public interest'?