Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Politicians, stop lying please.

As our Home Secretary, the person responsible for locking up those who break the law, believes David Cameron's use of cannabis is a 'so what' moment, I take it we will soon see the release of all those currently serving prison sentences for it's possession, cultivation, or supply. I'm sure we'll also see our open government insisting upon a national debate about the failure of prohibition in which they will provide all current information on the numerous medicinal benefits of cannabis.

This is probably a good introduction to my sarcasm laden view of our government. Of course none of the above will happen, and I'd love to put a cross next to 'none of the above' when being asked to choose the next elected dictator, because politicians can't speak the truth. They must have some sort of electrical implant inserted into their brain when they become candidates, it's just a physical impossibility for them to give honest answers.

William Hague, one of the recent procession of Tory leaders, couldn't stop himself saying 'cannabis is much stronger now' when asked about his latest successor's Eton toke. It's something you'll hear from many politicians, and employees of the tabloid dung heaps, but it's completely untrue. It's not me saying they are liars, although I agree entirely, it's Home Office Parliamentary Under Secretary, Caroline Flint. You can read it in Hansard if you like. Ms. Flint is quite certain that there is no evidence of today's cannabis being any stronger than the cannabis Mr. Cameron smoked. She stated it clearly in The House. But, not only, do the apologists for prohibition continue to lie to the public, the government's personal advertising company, the BBC, make no attempt to correct them. You can expect gutter trash like the Maul and the Scum to spread political lies but we're paying for the BBC to do it, which isn't what I buy a TV license for.

It's most likely that Mr. Reid is correct, David Cameron smoking cannabis is a 'so what' moment, but his party's continued stance that cannabis is still banned because of anything but fear of loss of face for admitting they were wrong is exactly the response that shows why the public believe all politicians to be self serving, hypocritical, liars.

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