Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Terrorists can't be white.

With one phone call these days it would appear you can arrange to have streets closed, helicopters overhead, and vans full of armed police terrorising, assaulting, and even shooting, innocent families, but only if they aren't white.

The media will be full of reports about the innocent family portraying them as dangerous terrorists. If their terrorists stories don't sell enough copies or increase the ratings, you can have the innocent family branded as paedophiles with as much evidence as was needed to bring the vans of armed police. It only takes a suggestion because they aren't white.

But BNP members found with the largest cache of chemical explosives ever in the UK aren't terrorists are they? No says the BBC, not once will you hear the word terrorist when the cases of BNP members Robert Cottage and David Jackson are heard during their current trial at Manchester Crown Court.

You have to be non-white to be a terrorist.

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